Sunday, April 19, 2009

McMiller Endangered? UPDATED

Our intrepid Phel broke in her 12ga yesterday, and reports an alarming development.

The state rep for the area is trying to either a) get McMiller shut down in favor of a ski resort or b) restrict the type of ammunition that can be shot there. Both options are bad. McMiller is the only facility of its type in the state of Wisconsin, and we have to call the representatives and the DNR to ensure that it is not threatened. Apparently, the DNR is sympathetic to the continuity of McMiller.

The Senator for the area is Neil Kedzie; the Represenative is Steve Nass (both (R)).

This has history.

A few years ago, there was a kerfuffle surrounding McMiller. Evidently a local (Eagle) politician owns a chunk of land across the street from McMiller and wanted to develop a subdivision, but thinks that the presence of the range will make it hard to sell lots and houses.

Wouldn't surprise me at all if this is connected to the move Phelony describes.

McMiller serves thousands of SE Wisconsin residents; it is the only PUBLIC outdoor range which accomodates shotgun, rifle, bow-and-arrow, and handgun shooting in the area.

Shutting it down, or modifying its charter, would be a disservice to the taxpayers who enjoy using the range. Seems to me that a call or email to the above Leggies would be worthwhile.

UPDATE: Phel has posted a cc of the flyer. As you can see, this is being engineered through DNR. Makes it kinda intriguing--but April 29th has suddenly become an "must be there" date.

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