Saturday, April 18, 2009

Missouri Activist Active in Wisconsin

Sometimes, stuff sorta jumps out at you.

Here we have a JSOnline story about the Continuing Campaign of Lightworker Obama.

Over the coming weeks, state Organizing for America Director Dan Grandone will hold 20 listening sessions across the state to hear what people expect of the Obama administration and how the network can get to work in their communities.

Google "Dan Grandone" and you find lots of similar stories--but in one of them, he claims to have voted for GWBush twice, before voting Obama.

But the Google also tells you that Grandone started his career as an organizer with a St Louis, MO., social-action group (MCU), and that he was active with the Gamaliel organization. Among other things, Gamaliel does not like "urban sprawl," although in general terms, Gamaliel is not overtly partisan.

Even more interesting is a much older Grandone, (James) who is from Edwardsville, Illinois, ran against Bob Michel (R), and worked on the Carter-Mondale campaign.

One wonders why a committed social activist and Harvard Institute for Politics awardee such as Grandone would vote against John F'n Kerry or AlGore. Maybe he's a pro-war kinda guy? Maybe he liked GWB's Big Oil connections?

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Unknown said...


Thanks for your post. Just to set the record the JSOnline article you reference, it's Ellen Gagnon from Waukesha Co. not myself (Grandone) quoted as voting for President Bush in the past two elections.