Friday, April 17, 2009

About That "Prevailing Wage" Policy

Most of you know that James Doyle, Governor of Wisconsin and union toady, inserted a "prevailing wage" item into his budget proposal. Briefly, IF a local government contributes anywhere north of $2,000.00 to a development project, "prevailing wage" must be paid (that is to say, the job must be done with union labor.)

(The Mayor of Milwaukee doesn't even like that one.)

But it gets worse. Let's say that the development includes a building which is occupied by Company X. And let's say that Company X grows (despite Doyle's efforts to tax them into oblivion.)

When Company X decides to add on to the building 5 years after the original was built, guess what?

They have to pay "prevailing wage" to build the addition. No matter how long between the initial development and the addition(s), "prevailing wage" must be paid.

Isn't it wonderful to have Jim Doyle, chin-dribbling with..........

Ach, nevermind.

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