Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AlGore's Shady Pals and the Next TEA Party

Oh, there's a LOT more to the "tax-and-cap" story than AlGore will tell.

The fix on "cap-and-trade" was in by the middle of 1997. NINETEEN NINETY-SEVEN, suckas!!

("Kenny Boy" is Ken Lay, convict.)

...the next day I was tasked with sitting in for “Kenny Boy” at a meeting in fancy New York law firm offices (in DC), around a table of Baptists and Bootleggers, rent-seekers and green puritans, discussing how to ensure a global warming treaty came about, of our collective design, and how to rope the U.S. in.

So, seeing very measured groups like Union of Concerned Scientists on my immediate left, I turned to one of the rent-seekers’ officers on my right, among whom I recall being the American Gas Association, Niagara-Mohawk Power, and BP, among others. In response to my query, “what are we doing sitting around a table with a bunch of people who want to put us out of business?”, I was told with a laugh, “they want to put coal out of business first.”

The author was a lobbyist for Enron.

So I fired off a “Houston, we have a problem” missive to my boss asking if Enron knew what it was getting into in this group. That’s when they explained the specifics of their business plan to me - which did include setting up a trading business with Goldman, by the way, as one of Goldman’s energy practice chiefs at the time also roared to me in joy about about all of the money they were going to make. This cannot conceivably be news to Gore and his VC partner and former Goldman Pooh-Bah Blood

In other words, the US citizen is being played. Not only for sucker, but for sucker-who-pays-and-will-damn-well-LIKE-it.


...in July of that year (1997), a unanimous Senate votes pursuant to Art. II, Sec. 2, its (unsolicited) “advice” to Clinton-Gore to not go to Kyoto and agree to that beast. In December Al Gore then flies off to Kyoto to do just that.

How come? Simple.

An August 4, 1997 Oval Office meeting with [convict] Kenny Boy, (then-) Sir John Browne of BP, and the President and Vice President of the United States. Let that sink in. He didn’t know the guy [Kenny-Boy, the convict]. But anyone who can even spell “Beltway” can tell you that that kind of orchestration and attention takes serious influence. Ask Gordon Brown.

As revealed by the August 1, 1997 Kenny Boy briefing memo subsequently aired after the unpleasantness, in this meeting Kenny Boy was to demand that the Senate be ignored, that the administration agree to Kyoto, and most important that it contain a cap-and-trade scheme.

The Spectator Blog has a bit more, naming the current bloodsuckers in the game.

Al Gore and all of those pushing the cap-and-trade rationing scheme -- as envisioned in the president's budget, the biggest tax increase in the history of our Republic -- have some 'splainin' to do about just why they're promoting a rent-seeker scheme hatched by Enron, now demanded by Ken Lay proteges and those who picked Enron's carcass clean of its erstwhile white elephants like Enron (now GE) Wind, its solar panel venture (now BP), and that derivative-swaps and ration-coupon trading scheme hatched with Goldman

That July 4th TEA Party should be a lot louder and larger.

Louder, because the Pitchfork-and-Torches crowd might bring stuff that goes "BOOM!!"


Headless Blogger said...

Carbon taxes should have died with Enron. That company never knew a thing about public service, they were always about scams to milk the system. The obvious result of cap and trade will be the rolling blackouts Enron brought to CA a decade ago going nationwide.

Anonymous said...

"Louder, because the Pitchfork-and-Torches crowd might bring stuff that goes "BOOM!!""

Hence the need for the Homeland Security report on unbridled wingnuts.

Dad29 said...

You never played with M-80's, Anony? Never set off a firework?

Girly-girl. Or is it girly-boy?

Roland Melnick said...

Girly-girl. Or is it girly-boy?How about jerky-boy? Or is it jerky-jerk?