Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Arizona, 10th Amendment at SCOTUS

Another case where certain Justices would continue to ignore the 10th Amendment.

...Starr is representing Arizona state legislators and the state superintendent of public instruction, who want to be freed from a lower court order that the state come up with a new program to teach English learners and provide enough money for that program

...A key issue in the case, now called Horne v Flores, is the power of federal courts to take over functions of state or local governments when trying to remedy civil rights violations

Many of you will be surprised to know that the Teachers' Union thinks more money should be spent. (/sarcasm)

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Anonymous said...

Two quesitons -

1) Why did she even receive 2 years of Spanish-only instruction? Seems it would make more sense to have 1-2 years of bi-lingual/lets teach them English instruction and then put them into English-only immersion to reinforce it.

2) Are they illegals? In which case, they could move just a couple of miles south and get all the Spanish instruction that they want at zero cost to any taxpayer.