Saturday, April 18, 2009

Memo to Reince, Part Two

In the (two) days since the TEA Parties were held, Rush Limbaugh has been harping, harping, harping on one thought: "Do NOT think about a third party effort."

His concerns are justifiable--here's a snippet from Malkin.

...Republicans who supported the bailouts, the stimulus, and tax increases are in just as much hot water as Democrats. I told you that California GOP chairman Ron Nehring and GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger were booed in Sacramento and GOP Gov. Jon Huntsman was booed in Utah.

Now, see this.

At the Greenville SC Tea Party last night, via Palmetto Scoop, an estimated 3,000 people booed and heckled GOP Rep. Gresham Barrett, who supported both the trillion-dollar TARP and now supports the trillion-dollar porkulus package. The crowd blew air horns as he tried to speak

Paul Ryan, (who voted for TARP but not for Porkulus), was not booed in Madison. I think there are a number of reasons for that, among them that Paul Ryan CLEARLY SAID that Republicans had contributed to the horrific fiscal mess this country is in. Another reason is that Paul Ryan went Reaganesque, openly asking Democrats to join in a responsible solution.

In other words, Ryan thinks that the situation is serious enough to be bi-partisan.

(I will grant Priebus this: Governor Doyle's budget is shockingly detrimental to the long-term fiscal health of the State of Wisconsin.)

When looking around at the crowd's signage, it was clear that this was not exactly a Republican Party event. This was a Conservative-driven event into which SOME Republicans fit quite well.

But not all of them. Not by a long shot.

By the way, Reince: does the RNC have a thought about the RSCC's endorsement of Spectral Specter vs. the actual Conservative, Toomey?

If so, I haven't heard it yet.


capper said...

More likely because the Republicans are no longer in a position to dictate to the country. They have to play nice now.

Billiam said...

I wouldn't throw the word 'Dictate' around, Caps. Not the way Pelosi and Reid are acting. That would be, what's the word? Mondo hypocritical.