Thursday, April 23, 2009

Belling Has It Right

Belling swats James Doyle, Three-Card-Monte winner. We had a parallel-track post on the more general issue yesterday.


Wisconsin has a tax-hiking dolt who won’t allow himself to be bothered with mundane concerns like hundreds of middle-class jobs.

Joel Kotkin:

The administration's priorities reflect a new political consciousness that, if not openly anti-industrial, seems to minimize manufacturing's role in the nation's long-term future

...These days this mentality appears alongside an overall contempt for the tangible economy. Very few Obama appointees have ties to the country's core productive sectors: manufacturing, agriculture, energy. Veterans of investment banking, academia or the public sector, they seem to see the economy more in terms of making media, images and trades – as opposed to actually making things


...[Doyle's] proposal to make businesses only slightly responsible for civil damages to have to pay the full amount of their cost [the joint/several liability change]

And, of course, Doyle's turning of the "energy screws" on industry issued last summer.

It does seem that Our Governor shares the ObamaCrowd's disdain for manufacturing--"making stuff"--and is far more interested in promoting lawyers, educators, State-payroll fattening, and the other ephemeralisms mentioned by Kotkin.

So, Lee Dreyfus was right: "Madison is 10 square miles surrounded by reality."

And to Hell with middle-class jobs surrounding "making things."

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