Friday, April 17, 2009

Sullivan, Carpenter, and Plale

Charlie Sykes mentioned these guys. They want to get re-elected.

They need to be told NOT to support James Doyle's wacky "policy" items in the budget.

One thing you can do:

Go to and fill out the online form describing your business's problems with the State of Wisconsin AND what you think could be done to remedy that.

He'll pass it along to Sullivan, Carpenter, and Plale.

Another idea: catch those guys while they're in the District. Give them a nice, solid, reasonable piece of your mind.

Try not to slug them.


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

One would think the party could put someone up against them? They will say all the right stuff, get re-elected and go back to their old ways. I say, throw them out.

steveegg said...

Wish I had good news regarding "East Side" Plale, but the fact that he's "East Side" should tell you everything you need to know about the formerly-moderate Senator.

Not only does his district include UWM and the rest of the East Side (which, along with the union towns of Cudahy and South Milwaukee, make it pointless to try to challenge him from the right), but the last time he ran, he was targeted for defeat by Donovan "Double Vote" Riley because he wasn't liberal enough. Despite Riley dropping out of the race a couple weeks before the primary, he got 26% of the vote in the primary against Plale. Plale learned his lesson well, and turned hard-left.

TerryN said...

I loved Riley's website back in the day. He said he was a democrat that voted like a democrat.