Friday, April 24, 2009

BATFE Rogues; There Are Lots of Them

There have been plenty of complaints about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) over the years, many from gun dealers (and Evian Gonzales' Miami family members.)

But you haven't seen these, from BATFE field agents.

The Southwest Field Division SAC ignored threats of murder and violence and an actual attack from a criminal organization a targeted at one of his assigned Special Agents and his family.
The SAC intentionally delayed the agency meager response to the threats and discouraged any follow-up investigation.
In coordination with ATF Headquarters, the SAC routinely tolerated, supported and encouraged the abuse of his own agents, resulting in major settlement payouts to the victims at taxpayer expense

..or try this one:

The SAC Southeast becomes the subject of an OPSRO/OIG investigation involving multiple allegations of significant ethics and integrity violations. She was formally found to be guilty of discrimination.
Agents and other employees who are victims of or witnesses to potential criminal acts by managers are never contacted under the Victim/Witness Protection Act as required by law.
Numerous previous and current ATF managers whose credibility was completely destroyed through obviously false testimony under oath, receive no disciplinary action and remain in key management positions

with this result:

The SAC was removed from his [sic] position and transferred to ATF HQ without explanation. The media was told that it was a “routine detail”, although she never returned to her previous position. A special HQ position intended to “park” and hide problematic managers until they are eligible to retire was created. Upon retirement with full SES status and benefits, the disgraced former SAC was touted by ATF as a “Hero"

Plenty more at the link.

HT: Of Arms, who comments,

As the page notes, there have been about 100 employee complaints a year, which in my federal experience, is staggering

...and that's just INTERNAL complaints!

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