Sunday, March 01, 2009

Killing Wisconsin: The Extreme Obama/Doyle Solution

Wisconsin is in the northern part of the country, so it's cold here about 5/12ths of the year. Cold enough so that we use heat-creating devices such as furnaces and (occasionally) electric heaters to keep fingers and toes from freezing.

Besides burning natural gas or heating oil for those purposes, we cook food and heat water with natural gas or electricity, or both.

And because we are distant from the equator, we also use artificial light. We use it in schools, churches, industry, retail, and our homes. That artificial light is stimulated by electricity.

Two-thirds of electrical power in Wisconsin comes from coal- or natural-gas powered generators. Only one-third is derived from nuclear or hydropower. ("Windpower" exists, but is not significant.)

Coal and gas, when burned to make electrical power and to heat homes and other buildings, emit CO2--carbon dioxide--just like YOU emit that when you breathe.

Extremist Enviros have chosen to near-eliminate CO2 emissions over the next 40 years, based on no recognizable science. And the Extremists hold all the cards (for the time being.)

Some recall that Obama promised to "bankrupt" coal-fired electrical utilities. In conjunction with this Extreme Enviros' national program, the Governor of Wisconsin has prevented new nuclear-fired electricity generators. That's significant, as nukes do NOT emit CO2.

In other words, between the Extreme Enviro Obama and the Extreme Anti-Progress Doyle, Wisconsin is going to become a people-free zone. The only question is whether all commerce and industry will leave before or after the people do.

The vehicle for the National Kill-Industry, Commerce, and People-Program is called "cap-and-trade"--which is a tax program disguised as a Monopoly game. It is a $650 BILLION dollar tax on everyone who uses coal/gas fired electricity and heat.

Because it is disguised, the tax will not appear on your 1040. And it may not even appear on your utility-statement (as do some other taxes.) But it will be there, because the utilities will build it into the "cost of generation" found on their financial statements.

Most ironic, this program will slam the poor hardest, with the lower-middle and middle classes a close second. Eventually, there will be subsidies due to the "Heat and Light Crisis." And of course, those subsidies will be taken from the pockets of folks who are in the upper-middle and upper classes of earners.

IF any of them remain in Wisconsin, that is.

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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

I don't understand what the Left is thinking on this. We can't generate enough reliable energy with wind and solar to power all the homes, to say nothing of industry. Are they unable to do the math? Or do they really not mean it.