Monday, February 23, 2009

The Strawman Lie from O-and-Savior

NoRunnyShoebox is a national treasure, today exposing Bambi's "Lie by strawman" trick.

That happens when you simply create a number--not from evidence or fact, but pulled from where the Sun never shines---and tell everybody 'I can fix that!!'

How does it work? Simple.

Bambi announced that he would "reduce the deficit to only $530++Bn" by the end of his first term (2013.) To do that, he'll impose tax increases on the eeeeeeeeeeevil Rich and the eeeeeeeeeevil Corporations.

Only trouble: the $530++Bn number is a strawman--pulled directly from O's ass.

According to [a] CBO forecast, the budget deficit for the last year of Obama’s first term, FY 2013, was projected to be $257 Billion.

Yeah, yeah, I know.

That nasty stimulus bill really jacked the future deficit up right? According to the CBO’s analysis, the increase is $28 billion in 2013 for a total of $285 Billion

With a few adjustments for war spending, variables on the AMT, etc., Shoebox has the following:

That leaves us at a projected 2013 deficit of $290 Billion. That looks to be more than 45% less, $243 billion below, the audacious target President Obama has set for himself.

Damn! He can spend all DAY in the gym and "reduce the deficit"--so long as you are stupid enough to believe the lies he told you over this weekend.

Of course, it IS possible that there will be a $530++Bn deficit--it's called ObeyPelosiReid.

For the budget deficit to grow $243 Billion over the latest, adjusted for the Stimulus plan, forecast by the CBO, Congress will need to increase their discretionary spending by 20% over the assumed increases for inflation, growth and GDP adjustments. In the CBO’s forecast, discretionary spending is only expected to increase by $36 Billion over Obama’s term. If discretionary spending does increase by $243 Billion over the rate that the CBO has projected, it will grow at a rate that is 675% higher than that projected rate.

The "Tea Parties" may counter that threat. Direct action is possible.

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Shoebox said...

Does that mean I have to move to the Smithsonian?

Obama is still in campaign mode. As such, he is not actually taking a position on anything. Take these "proposals" as just that. They are trial balloons. That explains why there are no details...why bother if they get shot down (witness Geithner).

The possible bright spot in this is if we recognize this and respond appropriately and vociferously, we have a better chance of shaping policy before it gets into the hands of dimwits like Pelosi and Reid.