Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kill People or Cut Emissions?

Owen notes that some priorities are more important than others.

When dealing with PRChina: “human rights cannot interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crises,” said Clinton

Certainly. After all, it's PEOPLE that emit all that poisonous CO2.


capper said...

Yet when the liberals offer to provide services to our own people, you on the right scream about profit margins and being unfriendly to business.

When the libs need to address the economic crisis that Bush has brought us, you all of a sudden develop humanitarian concerns?

I also can't seem to remember either you or Owen decrying water boarding. I guess human rights are only a matter of convenience, eh?

Dad29 said...

Pop a med, Cap.

Waterboarding is NOT "killing" people, and if you were halfway sentient, you'd notice that I'm not in favor of killing innocent people.

But "innocent" and "guilty" are not qualities which are distinguishable to you, are they?

Dad29 said...

...which would explain why you LeftOWackies back Doylie's program to empty the prisons.

capper said...

You're the ones that wanted tax cuts. Now enjoy them.

Oh, they are, and I also realize that someone is not necessarily guilty because they are a certain religion or nationality. That is where you seem to be lacking.

Anonymous said...

"You're the ones that wanted tax cuts. Now enjoy them"
Yes we will. If tax cuts are so bad, why does your hero (Obama) want to cut taxes?
So, which is it capper, are you for tax reductions as Obama wants, as pathetic as they are, or do you want to raise taxes?

capper said...


The point that was apparently too obvious for you to catch was that with every action, good or bad, there is a reaction.

You want cuts in spending and taxes, then there might be some ramifications that you might not like. Capiche?

Anonymous said...

Where were the cuts in spending? The only cut in spending by any level of government even proposed was for the military.

Unless you believe the "You have a budget of $10M but want $10M more so we'll give you $5M more so you get $15M, but because you wanted $20M your budget was cut by $5M" bullshit that we always hear in liberal/government speak.

Dad29 said...

Actually, Capper, (again, were there a halfway honest bone in your body) you realize that my interest has always been in SPENDING CUTS combined with tax cuts.

See, e.g., my last post of last night. Or the several posts pissing all over GWB for his profligate drunken spending binges.

capper said...

Gee, Dad, could that be why I amended my statement in the second comment I put up?

Talk about being dishonest...