Monday, February 23, 2009

Abp Dolan Leaving: The Good News/Bad News

For New York, of course, it's the good news.

The Archbishop is far more pastoral than Abp Egan, who is currently in charge--and since Egan did a lot of heavy-lifting in NYC, Abp Dolan will be able to exercise his instincts to the benefit of the NYC folks.

The bad news is that Abp Dolan is leaving here, having done a LOT of good.

The rest of the story? Mixed.

It's likely that the Seminary will be a source of hope over the next several years with its new Rector, Fr. Hying.

But the Rembertine Rabble still dominates most of the bureaucracy; it was not in the nature of Abp. Dolan to fire people who mis-served.

Ah, well. Nobody promised a rose garden.


RAG said...

I am astonished to hear your praise of Dolan! I agree he's done much good in a very troubled diocese, particularly in light of the scandalous conduct of his predecessor. Beneath the affable exterior there was never any doubt (at least in my mind) on the day he arrived that there was a new sheriff in town.

Al said...

The question for you is "Who will take over as the New Archbishop?"

I assume Bishop Sklba or Callahan will run things in the short term until the new top guy is appointed.

Dad29 said...

Well, RAG, he did do some good things.

He wasn't as outspoken as I'd like on some others.

I think he had few options.

RAG said...

He reminded me more of a higher profile Archbishop Cousins -- a good p.r. guy but pretty much kept his nose out of day-to-day things.

Dad29 said...

Under the rubric "Nil nisi bonum..." I will simply say that you seriously insult Apb Dolan by comparing him to Cousins.