Monday, February 23, 2009

Porkulus in Tennessee--Who Is "Stimulated"?

How MIGHT Porkulus be spent in Wisconsin? Let's use Tennessee as a rough guide.

(Sorry--the source materials are 'paid subscription' only, or I'd have the Wisconsin breakdown.)

Here's what Stop the ACLU discovered through a TN blogger.

The Volunteer State stands to have a windfall of $3,779,708,000 thanks to the pork-laden bill passed by Congress and President Obama. The list of payouts is impressive, but it really does show that only a small amount of the total could be considered an economic stimulant.

$771,610,000 on Education
$171,678,000 on “General Purpose”
$1,100,000,000 for Medicaid
$10,200,000 for the Foster Care system
$71,988,000 to mass transit capital grants
$20,394,000 to “clean water” programs
$57,814,000 to drinking water programs
$97,467,000 to something called “weatherization”
$59,065,000 to the state energy program
$7,199,000 for immunization
$2,614,000 for elderly nutrition
$41,932,000 to child care
$19,699,000 to the shadowy idea of “community services”
$2,069,000 to the “temporary emergency food assistance program”
$2,064,000 for emergency food and shelter
$11,500,000 for vocational rehabilitation
$174,210,000 for K thru 12 education
$50,386,000 for school improvement
$236,163,000 goes to the individuals with disabilities act

Yada, yada, yada.

Kinda looks like a Gummint Employees' Preservation Act, no?

Quoting his source:

Of our total $3,779,708,000 - $1,246,017 goes to various Education programs, $1,100,000,000 goes to Medicaid leaving just $1,433,691,000 to spend on everything else. Almost two thirds of the money is excluded from stimulating the Economy in just two general items. Of the monies left, $771,282,000 also fails to stimulate the Economy, $662,409,000 falls under the “Maybe” category and only $12,979,000 has the appearance of true Stimulus spending

I wouldn't be surprised in the least of 2/3rds of Wisconsin's pork-hocks dollars are similarly distributed--that is, directly into the hands of State and local Gummints.

So again--exactly WHO is "stimulated"?

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