Friday, February 20, 2009

"Black Flag'? Hoist It Over CO2

Regulating carbon dioxide (CO2) will bring about the worst calamity this country has ever seen (and that's saying a lot, given Porkulus).

Regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act will create a regulatory train-wreck. It will impose substantial costs, and yet fail to meet the President's ambitious emission reduction targets (80% by 2050).

Coal-generated electricity and heat, gas-generated electricity and heat, ANY petroleum-fired vehicles, and, of course, vegetation--ALL emit CO2.* So do you, if you exhale.

If, as the President has suggested, Congress puts forward a cap-and-trade proposal, it will unleash a feeding frenzy of rent-seeking, as every conceivable industry and interest group seeks to protect its own or gain competitive advantage

We know from rent-seeking, which usually leads to corruption (see Murtha, e.g.).

And we have more than enough corruption at this time.

*CORRECTION: As pointed out in the comments, vegetation does not "emit" CO2. Therefore, there IS an obvious and easy solution: kill off all those damn polluter-people.

Another use for the Obey/Kohl/Feingold/Obama "Final Solution" Healthcare regime!


Axeanda45 said...

Umm, doesn't vegetation consume C02?
Still, this is really stupid, dangerous legislation that needs to be shoved up the A$$ of anyone considering it!!!

Hah!! wv=raming, lol

Dad29 said...

You're right! Thanks!

So the solution is to kill the PEOPLE who emit CO2, and keep the trees.


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

I believe this to be part of the agenda of bringing down the United States from within. The people who believe the United States is too powerful and influential are now in charge. They've been working on this for 40 years-or-so. Recall that we've already been told we might just have to live with a lower standard of living. That America's best days are behind her.

There is a reason for the Porkulus package and the "homeowner bailout". Neither does anything to fix the problem, but both give the appearance of fixing the problem while perpetuating the problem for generations. Regulating CO2 does the same thing in a different way. It will drive up the cost of anything energy related and get people out of the evil cars and onto virtuous public transporation. All while killing the economy.

All part of the agenda, folks.

I'm becoming an unhinged conspiracy nut.