Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its' The SPENDING, Stupid, Part 25,896

McIlheran has a more elegant phrasing of the spending stream dribbling down Jim Doyle's leg.

"This budget makes the largest cuts we've ever seen," said Gov. Jim Doyle the other night.

And: "It makes a lot of tough cuts," so that "everyone is going to have to share in the sacrifice." Oh, and did he say he's cutting?

Or, rather, cutting*. Because the state is not cutting its spending. It's raising it.

In other words, you know he's lying because his lips moved.

But P-Mac, a gentle soul, won't call Doyle a liar.

It's not at all prohibited for him to say he's cutting and to really mean that he's cutting ever so slightly the state's general fund, which is about half the budget. He is increasing spending in the other half, in many cases shifting which pot of money pays for things. That's why, even as he moans about the enormous deficit, his budget is rising at least 7%.

Wait till you get to the part where Doyle "is going to eliminate 10,000 State jobs." Remember that one? Or the one about "..we can not, we must not, and I will not raise taxes!!? Remember that one?

He wasn't lying, really. He was just kidding. On the record, in front of the cameras.

Tea-party Time!

Now, Jimbo: am I just kidding, like you--or am I lying, like you?

Or do I really mean it, Jimbo?


steveegg said...

Cuts? Phshaw - using the numbers from both the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance and the Legislative Fiscal Bureau, there's $400 million MORE in spending in the Necro-Budget than there was in the initial proposal.

The rumor is that there's going to be a tea party in Milwaukee on Friday. Sadly, I won't be there, but only because I'll be at the one in DC.

Billiam said...

C'mon Dad. You know that to many Democrats, if the spending isn't increased as much as they want, it's a cut. Words mean what THEY say they mean.