Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New High School: 600+ Students Already

Some of you noticed, thanks to McIlheran, that St. Anthony's School is opening a high-school division next fall.

There will be over 600 students when it opens. That 600+ registered in the last 10 days with zero, zip, nada in advertising and/or solicitations.

Don't look for the MPS budget to change, however.


Jay Bullock said...

Um, the MPS budget does change with enrollment. That's by law, and not much MPS can do about it.

Also, the PPF has demonstrated pretty clearly in recent years that enrollment increases in MPCP schools usually come from students who would be attending private schools anyway, vouchers or not.

Anonymous said...

Oh, come Jay, cut the crap. MPS has lost tousands of students over the years and has it's budget decrease? Of course not. Their state aid may have been decreased, but not the budget.