Wednesday, February 25, 2009

House Dems Guarantee Medicare Bankruptcy

From the Minority:

...the Democratic leadership, in their Rules package for the 111th Congress, turned off the Medicare trigger, ensuring no proposal to address Medicare’s long-term spending crisis would receive the special consideration provided by law in the Medicare Modernization Act [MMA] of 2003

So what?

--The Medicare Trustees estimate the unfunded liability of the Medicare Program at $36 trillion over 75 years, a per-household burden of approximately $317,000. Without reform, this number skyrockets to nearly $48 trillion in just 5 years, or about $421,402 per household

--The Congressional Budget Office [CBO] estimates that Medicare alone will constitute 17 percent of gross domestic product [GDP] by 2082 – a sixfold increase from 2006, and nearly the same percentage of GDP absorbed by the entire Federal budget today

That's what. Your own CHILDREN cannot afford this, unless they are living in slums comparable to those of Mumbai.

And they will be, with cap-and-trade, and nationalhealthcare.

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