Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Screwtape" Tix Selling Like......the Devil

I'm not surprised.

A play about devils has become a "scorching" success in Chicago, where even Christians are flocking to the theater to witness the stage adaptation of C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters."

That phrasing is curious. "Even Christians?" Well, never mind...

The play has also captured the box office. According to Mercury Theatre owner Michael Cullen, "The Screwtape Letters" has become the most financially successful show in the venue's history.
"It is doing phenomenal
business," Cullen told the Tribune, "Every performance has been at or near capacity."

I heard an advertisement for the show on a Chicago radio station, and my interest was piqued. I've read the book and it is........ahhhhh.......damn good.

Lewis' comments are interesting.

Set in an eerie but luxurious office somewhere in hell, the play portrays C.S. Lewis' classic tale of a senior devil, Screwtape, instructing a novice demon, Wormwood, on how to tempt a Christian man away from God, whom Screwtape refers to as "the Enemy."

Lewis, who penned many books, including the beloved childrens' series "The Chronicles of Narnia," once admitted that "Screwtape" may have been his most difficult work to write.

"I never wrote with less enjoyment," Lewis said. "The strain produced a spiritual cramp."

"The world in which I had to project myself while I spoke through Screwtape was all dust, grit, thirst and itch," said Lewis. "Every trace of beauty, freshness and geniality had to be excluded

If the play reflects the book accurately, it is definitely worth seeing.


Sir Galen of Bristol said...

I have seen this play, it is outstanding.

M.E. said...

My daughter read "Screwtape" this year for her apologetics course (home high school). I was thinking about taking her to the play but didn't know if it would be a post-modern ironic version that would somehow undercut Lewis's entire message. Sounds like it's a faithful interpretation, though, which is good!

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