Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can Politicians Actually Be Leaders?

Here's an interesting snip from another blogsite.

As a facilitator for the New York City Leadership Academy, I listened to Jack Welch admonish public school principals to develop the kind of deep-seated confidence that would allow them to work anywhere they wanted with people they admired and respected. When several principals told him they could not speak their minds or they would be fired, he replied, “If that’s how you work, you should be fired.”

His point: As a leader, you must develop your own strength and courage before you can even think about leading others.

Well, now. If leadership includes speaking one's own mind--the actualities--then let's look again at the last Presidential race.

One participant (hint: a female) actually did that. Another participant (a white male with a sterling armed-forces-service record) did that, most of the time. A third participant (white male) spoke continually and didn't appear to HAVE a mind.

And then there was O--who spoke, but apparently didn't mean a damn thing he said (Gitmo? Renditions? Missles in Poland?)....


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