Thursday, February 26, 2009

Irish-Dance Fan? Fuggeddaboutit!

Remember the Trinity Dancers? That's a group of young'uns who are world-class prize-winning Irish dancers.

They're in the 10-ring of the new CPSIA law, too. Seems the 'bling' on the dresses contains lead.

...if you’re, say, a teacher of Irish step dancing, with a stock of performance dresses in youth sizes (quite possibly with crystals, rhinestones or sequins, since nothing picks up stage lights the way they do).

That stock of costumes, which might even be your most costly asset, by law at least may now occupy the same frozen contraband category as those tarped-over new youth minibikes at the sports dealer’s. As message-boarder “GailV” put it, “The dresses are worn for about 15 minutes at a time, the possibly lead-containing parts never touch the child, but it’s still illegal.” For more on the dismay CPSIA has struck into the Irish dance apparel community, see Irish Dance Moms, Fashion Incubator Forums, and Voy Forums comments here, here, and here (”Heidi”: “Most of us would like to be successful and running legitimate (law abiding) businesses. I want to grow my business, not hide in the shadows looking for ways to circumvent the law. Besides, the jealous world of Irish dance is full of potential whistle blowers.”)

Oh, well.

Now even "for the chillllllllren" is meaningless.

HT: Overlawyered

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