Thursday, February 19, 2009

The "Inclusive" Left

When The Left yaps about "inclusion," they lie.

We, Catholic theologians from 20 countries, gathered together in Ghent for a meeting of the Curatorium (Board) of the European Society for Catholic Theology, are deeply concerned by the current crisis within the Church. We are especially worried that the unconditional lifting of the excommunication of four bishops of the Society of Saint Pius X threatens the internal unity of the Church and the credibility of its witness in the world

To these simpering twits, "inclusion" actually means "EXclusion" of those who remind them that the 'hermeneutic of rupture' is NOT the correct way to read the documents of the Second Vatican Council.

It is perfectly obvious that the Left thinks B-16 is vulnerable; these whimperings and whinings are piling up. See, e.g., the Austrian Bishops' Conference's statement on the elevation of Mgr. Wagner and the deftly-engineered campaign against the un-excom of the SSPX Bishops--led, it is rumored, by a retired Jebby Cardinal in northern Italy who counts among his close personal friends the disgraced ex-Archbishop of Milwaukee.

I'll join Simplex any old day on this stuff. About time that the Powdered-Hand folks got out of the way, as did Judas.

Simplex: I'll bring the shootin' irons...


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GOR said...

As I noted on Fr. Z's blog this is reminiscent of the post-Humanae Viatae era of open dissent against the Holy Father - as I'm sure you well remember, Dad.

Back then many were lead astray by those who should have known better. But today is a different day and it's a more level playing field.

"Fool me once..."