Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kyl Affirms: Obama Uses "Strawman" Deficit Numbers

As No Runny Eggs pointed out, the President created a "strawman" budget deficit number--and then promised to reduce it.


Sen. Kyl confirmed NoRunny/Shoebox's contention last night on Fox News following Obama's speech.

Here's the relevant post and excerpts.

According to [a] CBO forecast, the budget deficit for the last year of Obama’s first term, FY 2013, was projected to be $257 Billion.

[Even with the Porkulus added,] [a]ccording to the CBO’s analysis, the increase is $28 billion in 2013 for a total of $285 Billion

With a few minor adjustments having to do with military spending, etc., we STILL only have a $290Bn deficit by 2013.

That looks to be more than 45% less, $243 billion below, the audacious target President Obama has set for himself

Don't worry: he will take credit for all the "work" he did (in the gym?) to "reduce the deficit."

Except he won't have to do a damn thing.

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Shoebox said...

if you tell a lie often enough and with conviction, eventually it becomes the truth!

The R's need to take this imposter head on. Obama has no control of facts and should be called out on every one that he chooses to rewrite!