Friday, February 20, 2009

Is There a REAL REPORTER in the House?

BudgetBlog reports as follows:

Gov. Jim Doyle on Thursday defended his budget proposal to grant domestic partner benefits to state employees by saying "it isn't marriage."

Critics have said the proposal may violate the state ban on same sex unions "I think most people think that somebody ought be able to make end of life decisions for a lifelong partner," Doyle told reporters following the signing ceremony for the budget adjustment bill passed Wednesday by the Legislature.

"I think you'll see these are pretty common sense rights that would come to people on the registry, and they don't cost the state any money, they're just a way that you can be a little more decent to people," he said.

OK. And I don't have a problem with those provisions.

But what about the provision that Wisconsin TAXPAYERS will now pay for BENEFITS to "shack-up partners" who happen to have one member on the public payroll?

Hello!! Is there an actual, real-live REPORTER someplace?


Paul - Berry Laker said...


Need to have the Lakeland-Times get the story out! Milwaukee and the rest obviously don't care!

Berry Laker.

Anonymous said...

What about us gay TAXPAYERS who get nothing? We pay State taxes like everyone else, yet our families (sorry, our "shack up partners") are left in the cold?

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

So can my roommate get state benefits if I work for the state and he doesn't, Virgil?

Dad29 said...

Obviously, Virgil, Doylie wants to re-ignite the "gay marriage" debate.

That's a settled issue, as you recall.

Adding the burden of "family" benefits to taxpayers is the wrong thing to do; and re-defining "family" for purposes of gaining votes is illicit in the large sense.

So tell your partner to get a job with benefits, like all the rest of us 95% have to do.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Salesman... That's exactly it, since my roommate also happens to be my unlawfully wedded spouse.

However, if your roommate is also your wife, apparently the State gives her benefits, even if she doesn't work for the State.

But even better, you and she also pay lower taxes, because you and she can claim a "married" couples credit.

And you can inherit her property TAX FREE if she dies!

So let me understand... We gay folk pay HIGHER TAXES, so that strait folk can GET HANDOUTS.

And apparently Dad29 is in favor of keeping this sort of redistribution of wealth.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Dad, as you know, I am mostly in agreement.

My partner and I both have jobs with benefits, in the private sector.

But, for crying out loud, can't I applaud Doyle for at least trying to give me a little more value for my tax dollar?

Dad29 said...

Well, Virgil, I'm in favor of nature.

And it has also been settled for, oh, I'd guess...around 5,000+ years, that promoting and protecting the natural family is in the best interests of the State.

Dad29 said...

Sure you can give him props--and becuase I'm a really nice guy, I let you do it here, on my forum!