Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Georgia: Saakashvili Just Plain Lied

We mentioned that a local PM RadioMouth was off his meds on the Georgia situation (he was hardly alone--McPain was even worse.)

Now it seems that the NeoCon Party Line: "Russia Bad, Georgia Good" was not only simplistic, but wrong.

One thing was already clear to the officers at NATO headquarters in Brussels: They thought that the Georgians had started the conflict and that their actions were more calculated than pure self-defense or a response to Russian provocation. In fact, the NATO officers believed that the Georgian attack was a calculated offensive against South Ossetian positions to create the facts on the ground, and they coolly treated the exchanges of fire in the preceding days as minor events. Even more clearly, NATO officials believed, looking back, that by no means could these skirmishes be seen as justification for Georgian war preparations.

The details that Western intelligence agencies extracted from their signal intelligence agree with NATO's assessments. According to this intelligence information, the Georgians amassed roughly 12,000 troops on the border with South Ossetia on the morning of Aug. 7. Seventy-five tanks and armored personnel carriers -- a third of the Georgian military's arsenal -- were assembled near Gori. Saakashvili's plan, apparently, was to advance to the Roki Tunnel in a 15-hour blitzkrieg and close the eye of the needle between the northern and southern Caucasus regions, effectively cutting off South Ossetia from Russia.

A looney-tune elected to office. He speaks English, was educated in the USA, so he's got to be good!


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Sam Sarver said...

Once again, Dad29, though we rarely agree on much, I am entirely in agreement with you on this. Many on the Right, and even some on the Left, were far too quick to arrive at the "Georgia good, Russia bad" meme.