Friday, September 19, 2008

Queen Nancy's "Most Ethical Congress"


Amiable, bon vivant, and ....a crook.

Rep. Charles Rangel acknowledged yesterday he may have violated House ethics rules when he used congressional stationery to solicit donations for a Harlem "center for public service" that will be named after him.

...Last year, Rangel's office provided The Post with a list of some of the donations he had already helped secure for the project, which included $10 million from AIG; $500,000 from the Verizon Foundation; and $1 million from Eugene Isenberg, CEO of energy firm Nabors Industries.

It would be a scream if the Fed Reserve placed a lien on Rangel's goods for return of the $10 million.


Anonymous said...

"Ellos hablan castellano y no se nada." No es me asunto y no entiendo nada en Espanol.

To me, that means, as a white guy, you get to eat oatmeal for five years...If you're Rangal, you get a psss.

But I am buying ammo.

Venice???? email please.

Brother James said...

I guess that since Joe Biden has framed tax paying as patriotic duty, all the slackers on the dem side are going to have to pay their fair share.