Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why Is McCain in DC? OR: "Who Needs Obama?"

As usual, to get the realities, you have to peruse the correct blogs.

“We got a good sense last night, even more so this morning,” one top aide said. “Got in a position where Democrats were warily circling McCain — not going to commit to a deal unless McCain does. It was just a time for leadership. So he just stepped up.”

(Quoted in No Runny)

Contrast to this mindless rant (excerpt) from Folkbum:

The John McCain campaign has become just one hail mary after another. It's hard to take seriously

I had earlier mentioned that McCain was playing with Obamamama's mind by going to DC for the negotiations--and he is. Pushing off the debate will throw The O-and-Savior off his game.

At the same time, it is clear from the WaPo quote that both Democrat and Republican Senators view McCain's contribution as essential.

And it's also clear that nobody, but nobody, views Obamamama's contribution as essential--or even necessary. Harry Reid certainly doesn't.

That ought to tell you something.


Headless Blogger said...

McCain played this well. He knows that Obama cannot afford to suspend campaigning (aka, fundraising) and return to DC because of his decision to skip public financing.

It is a good way to look relevant and also show that Obama is irrelevant. Harry Reid was kind enough to say so.

Shoebox said...

Unfortunately, Bush stuck his nose in it and gave Obama an mulligan. I'm still hopeful that McCain will show leadership so that his well intentioned move doesn't end up being a tie!