Friday, September 19, 2008

Lie. Repeat. Lie. Repeat. "Nobody Can Vote" Lie. Repeat..

Van Hollen cannot understand why people seem to think that


due to his lawsuit.

Could it be because Ted Perry, "journalist" at Channel 6, repeated that canard two nights ago (while totally ignoring the Fed's AIG purchase, by the way)?

Or that the 6:00 team of "journalists" on Channel 12 said exactly the same thing on the same night?

Or that countless newspaper stories have repeated the line, fed them by Jim Doyle's hand-picked operatives, cronies, ward-heelers, and professional slimers?


Couldn't be that Jim Doyle sorta-kinda-quietly-backhandedly made sure that the database did NOT get up on time, or that the stooges judges (appointed by the very same Jim Doyle) making up the "Accountability" Board said

"Accountability? Not on OUR Watch!!"

Face it. Doyle's looking at the US Attorney General slot if the Democrat wins. The Party as a whole is looking at raping and pillaging the remaining wealth-creators in the US if a Democrat wins.

So a lot of repeated lying is worth it.

HT: McIlheran, or maybe Mc Ilheran. Whatever.

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