Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Journalists" Push Party Line

In a brilliant display of investigative and journalistic talent, PATRICK MARLEY and STEVEN WALTERS discovered that

The lead Department of Justice attorney for Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen’s lawsuit against the state’s election authority met with Republican Party representatives about a week before filing the suit.

Crikey, mate!

Next, Marley and Walters will discover that James Doyle, Governor of Wisconsin, met with Democrat Heavy Lifter and Major Contributor attorney Lester Pines before giving Pines a bunch of taxpayer money engaging Pines to defend the indefensible decision made by a Doyle-appointed committee of old go-along-to-get-along farts of honorable, venerable retired judges to give the finger to Federal law delay certain audits which may (or may not) be required by Federal law .

It is clear that such audits would require election clerks to work hard and long for a change impose a burden on some local workers. Further, such audits may uncover thousands of fraudulent registrations have the effect of making voters prove that they exist they are legally registered.

It is unlikely, however, that Walters and Marley will be confused with the accounting firm made famous in Dickens' fiction will ever report that ACORN met with James Doyle, governor of Wisconsin. It is also unlikely that Walters and Marley will report that the long delay in implementing Federal law are due to Governor James Doyle's personally pressuring Accenture to "foul this up real good, eh!!" It is also unlikely that Walters and Marley will report that the Department of Administration deliberately undermined the G.A.B.'s progress on compliance with Federal Law.

After all, Walters and Marley are unlikely to report that their only sources are Democrat party operatives, Doyle, Pines, Wineke, and other barflies confidential.

They won't report that because it may or may not be true. And they only report what is true, right?

Well, SOME of what is true. After all, we have an election to rig run.


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Why BagMan Jimbo hasn't been recalled yet is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Walters and Marley are hardly fans of Doyle's. They were the willing lemmings who pushed the bullshit Georgia Thompson story and have been guilty of a whole host of printing false allegations and trumped up charges that all have been proven untrue.

Recall Doyle - bring it on. He has been elected statewide five times and has smoked every GOP challenger. He will be reelected again in 2010 showing once again that the GOP has nothing for him.

Dad29 said...

With luck, Doyle will be in Federal prison next time around.

His old man would approve that, becuase his old man was an HONEST Fed.