Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Down in the Polls, STILL Won't "Town-Hall"?

It's noted that the O-and-Savior still declines to meet McCain in a 'town-hall' setting, despite the fact that his once-very-formidable poll numbers are now slip-slidin' away.

Vox thinks he knows why.

Someone who is truly intelligent doesn't duck debates or townhall face-offs with an old man like McCain. If Obama was anywhere nearly as bright as he pretends, he'd eagerly embrace the chance to make McCain look half-senile in front of a national audience

(Only a few years ago, the Hildebeeste was touted as the smartest human alive. Is 'being smart' some sort of Democrat Party mantra?)

Anyway, we're sure that Obamamamama will allow Columbia to release his transcripts and settle the question, right?


Jeff Miller said...

I think it is because he knows he does not do that well in debates and McCain does it better. His debate performance against Democrats was all over the place. Look at the wounds he got from Saddleback and he is all too likely to make flip comments.

When ever I think of the issue of age in debates I remember Reagan saying he wouldn't hold his opponents youth and inexperience against him.

Anonymous said...

It's more simple.
Obama is a "made for TV movie".
Obama only wins when he is a DEITY figure amongst the eager DIMWITTED masses.
For Borat Obama to be seen as an equal or less than equal in a debate or forum, ruins the "grand Illusion".
He's going to run on his "Hollywood" persona til the clock runs out.

capper said...

He's up in the polls. He doesn't need to make McCain look more useless than he already does.

I see mickey's keyboard is broken again.

Anonymous said...

Seriously capper, is that the best you can come up with?
When Obama is off the teleprompter, he's a stuttering fool who makes constant mistakes. He is made of cliches and no subastance. He was in Vegas yesterday and you should have seen the crowd. They were half bored and not that enthusistic. One guy in the front looked like he was sleeping during the speech. In a debate, even GW Bush could kick his butt.