Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Think There's a "Priest Problem?"


Each year, for a number of years, the activists in the graduating class from a major Catholic seminary near Chicago would visit me for a day just before their ordination, with questions about values, revolutionary tactics, and such. Once, at the end of such a day, one of the seminarians said, "Mr. Alinsky, before we came here we met and agreed that there was one questions we particularly wanted to put to you. We're going to be ordained, and then we'll be assigned to different parishes, as assistants to -- frankly -- stuffy, reactionary old pastors. They will disapprove of a lot of what you and we believe in, and we will be put into a killing routine. Our question is: how do we keep our faith in true Christian values, everything we hope to do to change the system?" --Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

So my question: which Seminary Rector arranged THOSE trips? Or 'allowed' them?

HT: Dreher


Grim said...

This is the same book he dedicated to Lucifer, right? I mean, I went and looked at the dedication page (as you can do on Amazon)... but still, it just gets worse and worse.

I'm starting to find it harder to scoff at the whole "Antichrist" thing. I'm trying, you know, being an educated man who knows that educated men shouldn't turn to unintelligible prophecies instead of scientific answers, but...

Dad29 said...

You don't have to think Antichrist.

All you have to do is think Satan. Alinsky did.

Larry Denninger said...

I wonder if Pfleger was one of those seminarians, one of those times.

Grim said...

A fair point, Dad.