Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama's Caddyshack AlQuaeda Policy

Likely the strongest McCain stomping of Obama-the-Young-and-Naive came when McCain made it clear that AlQuaeda/Afghanistan and AlQuaeda/Iraq are one and the same AlQuaeda.

(Too bad he didn't mention AlQuaeda/South America (the drug connection) in the process.)

Obama seems to think in Caddyshack terms--whack-the-moles one at a time; McCain thinks in system-wide terms--get them all at once.

Re-balance the US forces, yes (Bush has been doing that for more than 6 months, by the way.)

But to leave the 18th green alone while whacking the moles at the 9th?

Perhaps Sen. Obama should study another movie for foreign-affairs training.

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