Thursday, September 18, 2008

Candidates Respond to AIG/FanFred Crisis

Purloined from McArdle, who purloined it from Noah Millman.

Obama: We're in this mess because the fundamentals are bad, and the fundamentals are bad because the Republicans have been ignoring ordinary working people and their needs. Most of what I think we should do is not particularly germane, and what is germane I don't want to explain in too much detail because I'm worried I might get it wrong. I'm sticking to my platform.

McCain: We're in this mess because a bunch of Wall Street hot shots got us into it, but they won't dare to pull that stuff when I'm in the White House, because I survived five years in a POW camp. Do I look like the kind of guy who hangs around with a bunch of Wall Street sissies who buy their shirts at Thomas Pink? Not on your tintype girlie-girl.

Actual statements' content differs not-in-the-least from the above.

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Anonymous said...

I don't usually do the political thing online, but I had to stop and say I love the quotes you have on your header, especially the first. It's amazing to me how politicians could do so much to hurt this great country and yet still manage to get so many votes. Personally I think we're screwed with both of these guys. We need less gov't interference in almost everything and neither of them get that. Our nation wasn't made great on giveaways. Where the hell did our pioneering do-for-yourself spirit go?