Thursday, September 18, 2008

McCain Becomes McMoron

Sure enough.

He went all nutso.


Nevermind that Cox can't be removed from the SEC (although it is possible that the President can remove him as Chair.)


Yah, John? And who's going to take the haircut? The taxpayer, again?

Read a book after you leave Green Bay. Like, e.g., Laws Congress Wrote which Screwed Up the Mortgage Business. (Hint: start with every single piece of legislation sponsored by Barney Fife)

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Both Obama and McCain don't get it. this just didn't happen overnight. It started in the Carter years and has gotten progressively worse over the years. Each party is guilty, with, in my opinion, the Dems are just a little worse, especially with Fannie and Freddie. Congress is at fault as much as anyone. What is the solution. First don't panic 2nd,don't socialize the banking industry and 3rd, don't over regulate.