Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Queen Nancy Pelosi: "Screw the Economy!"

It occurred to me yesterday, as the vote totals emerged, that the Democrats have decided to let the economy go into free-fall--as that's a sure-fire way to win the next election.

And Karl Rove's analysis of the vote made it clear: that's exactly what their plan is.

Pelosi was short about 12 votes; Rove named 6 House Committee chairs who voted against the bill, observing that every one of those people literally owed their chair-position to Pelosi.

Think she didn't have them by the short hairs?

Instead, she set the tone with a rant about "Republican" errors (lying about 'deregulation', by the way) and in effect, told her Members that they could vote against it.

$1 trillion disappeared immediately thereafter. That's $1 trillion which will not be used for retirement income, for funding college aspirations, for expanding or purchasing businesses, or for consumption.

Well, Nancy, you got your way, and it's possible that you'll have the opportunity to take over the US economy in January.



Amy said...

Um, but seeing as the feedback from many voting constituents was divided into the 'no' and 'hell no' categories on the bailout, I don't think this will be as bad as Nancy wanted it to be.

grumps said...

Pelosi delivered 60% on this odious compromise which neither side wants to own. The GOP couldn't muster the huevos to bring 100 votes to the table and McCain's Leadership Dissapation Light kicked into a steady glow.

You can't shine a turd but the GOP "leaders" were too clever by half if they thought they could backdoor out.

For cantor to stand up and declare hurt feelings was laughable and America knows it. He deserves all the calumny and abuse Barney Frank can muster.