Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stupid News Stories

Apparently some Federal judge issued an opinion. They do that all the time--that's not 'stupid news.'

Here's the 'stupid':

The ruling immediately halts the practice of killing wolves that threaten livestock and pets in the three states.


It won't halt "shoot, shovel, shut up." It won't halt "shoot the ^%$# critter"--shovel or not.

But it will prevent DNR from doing the job that ordinary American farmers WILL do.

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J. Gravelle said...

The pie-in-the-sky phrase: "The ruling immediately halts the practice" speaks volumes about that mindset.

If there's a problem, have one person write something on a piece of paper and have a few other people sign it. Problem solved.

They should have gone that extra mile and had Dawn Marie Sass issue a decree. Now THAT would have been proactive gummint at work...