Friday, September 26, 2008

Why "The Bailout"? MPS Shows You

OK, so there's this big hoootchakoomiewowzer in DC. In a nutshell, there's a problem: a bunch of people spent more than they could repay. That caused other problems, leading to this hootchakoomiewowzer. Ugh.

Wanna see how that stuff starts?

MPS Board Member:

“I’m saying flat out that unless we change the (state) funding formula, we will be broke in about three years,” Falk said. “In about three years, the whole thing collapses.”

Looks like a money problem to me. How about you?

Less than 3 hours later:

...the board voted 7-2 to offer benefits such as health insurance to domestic partners of nonunionized MPS employees and put the board on record in favor of doing that for all employees.

A fig leaf was temporarily inserted, of course:

Petersons added to the proposal that the change should be “revenue neutral,” so there would be no additional cost to MPS

Does that mean that the "domestic partner" will pay their own premiums? Does it mean that they will pay the cost-escalation which will occur when they incur a major expense (say, heart surgery)?

Who knows? And frankly, Who Cares? That's a problem for the bunch which inherits MPS in "three years," right?

There you have it. "The Bailout" mutatis mutandis, 'splained.

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