Friday, September 26, 2008

The Badger Speaks, So LissenUp!

AB puts thought to pixels and is, of course, correct.

The more efficient solution IMHO is to look at it on an asset class basis. Looking at things on an asset class basis would make it easier to try and value the paper...

With the idea that a value, ANY VALUE, is good.

...where you do the deal is not necessarily the best deal. But it’s a start, especially in the case where the assets are composed of many little assets i.e. mortgages, derivatives and synthetics that became a part of the problem

Congress and the Executive Branch look, from appearances anyway, to be working on a way to get something on the table. If there’s a market and profit component to the final structure, it may actually work

All I want is 1) simple; 2) focused; and 3) transparent.

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