Monday, August 11, 2008

Belling: Three Days, Then Nuke Russia

The ultimate moron pontificates, cutting off callers by the handful.

"I'm not saying send troops. But we have only 3 days until we have to send troops."


His proposal?

Stop buying stuff from Russia. Like, for example, steel.

So we'll make our military goods from used Kleenex, I suppose.

The NeoCon BushBoyzzz (think BillyBoy Kristol, Feith, et. al. and their radiomouth bootlickers) were all agog over the idea of adding countries to NATO--including Georgia.

Well, Georgia didn't get into NATO, but the pipsqueak country did manage to persuade the US to arm them and train their military--and they sent a couple of thousand troops to Iraq.

That's called Building a Chit.

Now the NeoCons have a problem--Georgia, run by a bloodthirsty little snot, pulled the tail of The Bear by killing a bunch of Russian citizens, and the BushBoyzzz are being told by such fabled strategists as Kristol and Belling (!) that the US should "stop buying stuff" from Russia.

Good luck with that.


3rd Way said...

Dude... I had to check the URL. I thought I was reading Whallah for a second.

Dad29 said...

Find ONE US interest in Georgia.

Just ONE.

That's why that little tinpot sucked up to Bush--he needed a really, really, really BIG brother to take care of him when he PO'd the Bear.

The fun part was that Belling couldn't get a lot of "Let's Go and Bomb Moscow" calls--and quite a few from Slavs who actually knew what they were talking about.

They didn't get past his kill-switch because, of course, they wouldn't parrot his moronic line.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for links to verify your claim Georgia is/was killing Russian citizens but can't find any. Where are you getting this information from Dad29?

Dad29 said...

I've read about 50 or so blogs, columns, and news-sources in the last 2 days re: Georgia.

Can't pinpoint the item for you.

There is some wordplay there; the Russkis issue Russian citizenship papers damn near like business cards in S Ossetia; so when that twit Shaa'vi started shooting S Ossetians, he was shooting Russian citizens--more or less.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like it is the other way around from this news report and everything I have read (so far) supports this news report.

Dad29 said...

You expected the Georgian Gummint to say otherwise? In other news, the sun rose, taxes are too high, and gravity still sucks.

Good heavens.

You could post as Rip Van Winkle, except he actually woke up.

In another post on the topic on this blogsite, you will see an "UPDATE" line near the top of the post.

Go to the bottom of the post and peruse the links.