Friday, July 25, 2008

Utility Costs

Most of you readers are in the Wisconsin Energies (WE) service area.

Thus, most of you have experienced an increase in your utility costs in the last few months.

It's worse than you think. Like most people, I don't waste energy, and it shows. Since we are down to only a few children here (and one only during summer vacation from college) the hot-water-for-shower load has gone down significantly, as has the electricity for Hair Stuff (dry, curl, un-curl....) and the hot water for laundry. This summer has been fairly cool and dry, so the air has not been used much.

Accordingly, the gas and electric usage has gone down year-to-year.

But the cost? That's gone UP.

So take another look at the Wisconsin Climate Report (excerpts and comments here.) Find the places where the Commission is happy to lay new costs onto the utilities.

Then contemplate your energy bill.


Phelony Jones said...


All the paranoid We Energies people who can't handle being blogged about because it's so personal to them are about to hit your site in 3...2....1....

capper said...

B-b-b-b-b-but what about their prosperity? You're both starting to sound like liberals.

Dad29 said...

Cap, relax yourself already.

My post was meant to help people understand just how monstrous and wrong-headed the Wisconsin Climate Report really is.

That report, of course, was written by Way-Wacky-Lefto-Libs.

Anonymous said...

And the cool conservative business leaders (read We Energies) are just trying to make an honest buck. Cut 'em some slack, Daddio. Don't bite the hand that feeds.

Dad29 said...

First off, you're making an assumption about the politics of WE officers. Although Abdoo is gone, he was most certainly NOT 'a conservative,' and you're only guessing that the others are.

Second, what does "conservative" or "liberal" have to do with running a utility and earning the REGULATED profit?

Do you always think in terms which are totally irrelevant to the question? Or are you off your meds?