Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Middle East Trip--No Poll-Bump? You're RACIST!

So the O-and-Savior goes all over the Middle East, gets pix and several dozen MSM tongue-baths, but there's no poll-bump.

Time magazine has it figured out.

The emerging conventional wisdom seems to be that the trip is a bit too grand, too...presumptuous and voters are wary of that. (And presumption, of course, always comes with the subterranean tinge of racism.) Maybe so

Got that? The trip is presumptuous, because voters are RACIST. Can't abide the possibility that some black fellow is ....traveling....or something like that.

Or maybe it's just presumptuous--beginning with the O-and-Savior's erasing the US flag from the 757 and substituting his "O" trademark on the plane's tail.

Thank God that Time magazine is here to diagnose our ills.

HT: RedState

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grumps said...

The flag pin red herring didn't do much for your guy the last time it popped up. Why in the world would it matter a whit now?