Monday, July 14, 2008

Tony Snow and Tim Russert: The MSM Lacuna

Many people know that Tony Snow was a Roman Catholic.

But you wouldn't know it by reading the (well-deserved) testimonials to Snow on his death. ProEcclesia sums it up, quoting other blogs:

Tony Snow, journalist and aide to two presidents, died on Saturday at the age of 53. As with the death last month of beloved journalist Tim Russert, friends and fans are grieving the loss. Like Russert, Snow was a devoted family man with a strong Christian faith. I thought most obituaries of Russert did a good job of including religion in their tributes

While the New York Times and the Washington Post found room to include Snow’s salary at his White House job, neither of them mentioned his strong religious views that were so integral to his outlook on life. The New York Times, along with the Associated Press and Washington Post, made somewhat odd digs in their obituaries about Snow’s supposed problem with facts during his press secretary stint.

(Etc., etc.)

Then he asks the obvious question:

Is it really all that surprising? Can we not think of anything that might account for the inconsistency in how the media reported on the deaths of 2 of America's finest newsmen who also happened to be animated by their devout Catholic faith?

Most of you can get this with only one guess.


Billiam said...

Gee, Dad. At least post a question I have to think about, maybe research a little...

Al said...

The only place I heard mention of Tony Snow's Catholic faith was on Laura Ingraham's program Monday. No surprize that she did mention it.

No surprize the MSM didn't.

As for the question asked I know you aren't supposed to answer a question with a question. So I'm answering it with 2. : )

Which one supported the Pro-death party?
Which worked for the party that is usually Pro-Life?