Monday, July 14, 2008

Kudos to Fox6 for Flood Fraud Story

Last night, Fox6 ran a fairly long segment on the massive fraud in Milwaukee over "flood benefits."

The segment would have made Ripley proud. Fox6 interviewed "victims" who had no substantial damage (wet couch-cusions, e.g.), "victims" who lied about power outages, and "victims" who "needed food" but were wearing Louis Vitton shades.

And these damn fools ACTUALLY WENT ON CAMERA and provided their names and addresses.

The story took pains to be accurate (Corey Hose rocks, folks!!) about the reason for the abuse and fraud, and left DarthDoyle looking like a complete ass.

Milwaukee's DA is on the hook here, and the story made that clear, too.

Altogether, an A++ for the team.


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

The double talk from bagman Jim was priceless! I did see it, good piece.

Billiam said...

Why shouldn't Doyle look like an ass. IMO, he is an ass. Fraud has become second nature anytime there's a disaster, either by scamming benefits you don't deserve, or fleecing the sheep for benefits they received. There's no shame what so ever anymore.

Dave said...

It's about time someone in the local news put the rubber to the road with Doyle. He needs a good poke in the eye by local media.

TerryN said...

I just listened to Sykes podcast of this story. At first I think of Doyle as a incompetent ass. Then it sinks in to me that he's really calculating and rife with fraud.

Just as he doesn't care if people vote fraudulently he also doesn't care if people steal from the taxpayers either.

And he was the stated AG? F-k the law too Jimbo!

Dad29 said...


His Department of Revenue is not quite so casual about collecting taxes, is it?