Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Simple Solution for the Petroleum Problem

Well, I thought about this for....oh....a minute, and have now figured out the intermediate-term solution to the petroleum problem.

And it's simple:

All those who do NOT want to drill should simply stop driving cars.

And stop flying around the country campaigning.

And stop using their home and office air-conditioning.

And refuse to purchase anything with ANY plastic components.

So if the Obama/Feinie/Kagen crowd is about 40% of the population, that means that we could reduce domestic petroleum consumption by about 40%, right?

According to the Reliable Lefty (Folkbum) that means that we'd be consuming less than 2.5 billion bbls/year in the USA--or only 1/6th of current global demand.

Straight-line reduction in price-per-bbl should be around $25.00.

By executive order, Jim Doyle should require that NO State-owned vehicles will use air conditioning, and that all State workers should take the bus to commute back-and-forth from Madistan to Milwaukee or other job-assignments. (For example, the DoCorrections chief should bus it from Madison to Waupun and Taycheedah).

Local Democrats such as Tom Barrett could order that the police cars also disable their a/c units and he could turn off the City Hall air conditioners. Not "down," Tom. OFF.

Or they could choose to be hypocrites, I suppose.

Wanna bet?

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