Sunday, July 13, 2008

Actualities of Court Appointments--and SCOWI

Althouse discovers that the reality was exposed in an old essay from the NYTimes.

President Ford's appointment of John Paul Stevens to the United States Supreme Court continues and underlines the striking contrast between Republican and Democratic policies on Supreme Court selections.

Republican Presidents have consistently considered the Court as a law court, members of which should have past experience on lower Federal or state courts. Democratic Presidents have seen the Court as a policy court, and have consistently appointed to it men from public life with substantial experience

And she goes on to comment:

Can you image the uproar if Barack Obama echoed Pritchett's views today?

The O-and-Savior will never say that, at least in those words. But he has come close to it:

“In those 5 percent of cases, you’ve got to look at what is in the justice’s heart, what’s their broader vision of what America should be."

...discounting the effects by stating that the "heart" decisions are only "5%".

Yah, well, Roe was only ONE case, as was Brown, as was Dred Scott. For that matter, Heller was just ONE case.

And the Ziegler and Gableman elections were certainly decided on similar grounds.

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