Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lefty Republican Loses in GA.

Signs of the times, which a certain Presidential candidate is too old to read.

RedState-endorsed Congressman Paul Broun, Jr. (R-GA), elected in 2007 to fill the rest of the late Rep. Charlie Norwood's term, faced an all-out assault from his own party this primary season in the form of business-as-usual, big-government Republican Barry Fleming.

Fleming has been attacking Broun from the left on fiscal policy, Constitutional authority, and social issues for months. Today, primary voters in Georgia's 10th Congressional District got to have their say in which brand of Republicanism they favored -- the big-government kind that attacks conservatives and seeks to be little other than Democrat-lite, or the small-government, personal freedom-advocating kind that fights for the core conservative beliefs of freedom, choice, and limited government.

Today, the voters in Georgia's 10th CD sent an overwhelming message about which brand of Republicanism they favor, nominating Broun the District's GOP standard bearer by a staggering 71-29 margin .

Seven to Three. Hooooboy.

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