Friday, July 18, 2008

Feel Less Burdened Today?

If it seems that your steps are a bit more springy today, there's a reason.

July 16 was Cost of Government Day – that day of the year when average Americans finish paying off their share of federal, state, and local taxes and the cost of complying with regulations.

“Finally, starting today, you are working for yourself and no longer for Uncle Sam,” said Brian Riedl, senior policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

This year, Cost of Government Day occurred four days later than last year because of increasing tax burdens, but also higher regulatory costs, according to Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), which released its annual Cost of Government Day report at a Washington news conference on Wednesday.

You can be confident that, in Wisconsin, the date is later than July 16th--but take heart! The time is near!!

On the other hand, if nothing changes, things will get worse:

“Not surprisingly, Cost of Government Day continues to move away from Independence Day and closer to Halloween.”

Yah, well, if it gets that far, there may be a bunch of warlocks and witches found in ditches--all "accidentally" killed, of course.

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