Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jerry Bott: Common Sense on Favre

It was refreshing to listen to Jerry Bott's discourse on the DramaFest at Lambeau.

Short version: Ted Thompson has been around football for a long time and he's pretty sharp.

So when Ted Thompson makes the judgment that Brett Favre is no longer 'the guy' for the team's future, Thompson's probably right.

His analogy was also dead-on: when you're asked to start a talk-radio show, do you consult with: A) bloggers; B) newspaper writers; C) neurosurgeons; or D) other successful talk-show hosts?

It is no co-incidence that Bott has a managerial position at WISN, by the way.


Anonymous said...

His analogy is stupid. You want to start a talk show? You talk to people who are in the business including producers, managers and you get the usual talk show. You think Rush talked with other talk show hosts before he started?
You also talk to people who are not in the field. You read the blogs, newspapers, talk to people on the street to see what is interesting and the list goes on and on.
And Thompson maybe smart in football but he is not the smartest, probably not even in the top 50. He should be talking to people about Favre, but his ego is so huge, he wouldn't listen to them anyways.
And again, Dad and others, none of you have shown how the Packers will improve without Favre in the lineup. And you cannot say with a straight face that Rogers is a better quarterback than Favre.

Dad29 said...

Nobody claims that Rogers is better than Favre.

But you know, Dan, things change.

The organization is moving towards a more tightly-integrated offense which does NOT rely on a gunslinger; so Rogers doesn't have to be Favre--he just has to be good.

By the way, your understanding of the analogy is flawed.

Finally, if Thompson is so damned stupid, how did he land McCarthy? How did he bring the team from .500 ball to 2 games from the SBowl?

The Favre party's over, Dan.

Anonymous said...

You don't think the Packers could have been better last season? Maybe getting Randy Moss would have put the Packers over the top but he didn't even make a play for him.
Yes, Thompson helped get the Packers better, but he had a lot help. Start with the coach and the players, many who were not acquired by Thompson. Also luck was involved and a somewhat easy schedule.
The Favre party is over and the Packers are worse for it. So, how far will the Packers will the Packers go in the playoffs with the China Doll. My bet is they don't even make the playoffs.

Dad29 said...

Ted Thompson's betting his $1 million salary that the Packers will be just fine without Favre.

I don't think you'll match that number.

capper said...

I'll remind you of this in February when the Pack announces the new GM and HC.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

So, what did we need Randy Moss for when we had the best recieving core in football last year?

Ted Thopmson is not here to posture for Brett Favre. He isn't here to be Brett Favre's personal attendant. He isn't here to build a team based on who Brett Favre wants to play with.

That's why Thompson is the GM and not Favre.

Favre has turned into everything he wasn't. An egomaniacal prima donna who wants things his way or the highway.

Put your walking shoes on Brett and hit the road. I wouldn't want you playing for us after the soap opera you unfolded in the last month+.

Jimi5150 said...

Given the choice, I'd rather go with Rodgers and a slightly less optimistic view of the season than bring Favre back only to have him suck.

Or, both could lead the team to the superbowl.

It's all speculation.

For all the drama, one thing is for sure, if they would bring Brett back they would have to make the Superbowl. Have to. Anything less and it's all for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I say the same thing about Rogers, Jimi.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...


The expectation of a superbowl is there with Brett. If he can't do it after having come so close last year, fans will jeer asking themselves why they let him come back only to underperform.

Rodgers is unproven and has that excuse.

Nevertheless, I believe the Packers are a post season team with Rodgers and they should send Brett packing or bench him.

On a side note. I only like Rodgers as the better of two evils. Brett's drama has only distracted us from Rodger's comments. Remember? Something to the tune of Packers fans need to get onboard or shut up?

Excuse me Aaron, but maybe you need to be a little more humble and prove what you can do. Then, and only then, can you open your trap. Of course, a true gentleman and athlete, wouldn't rub our noses in it. See example Starr.

James Wigderson said...

I'm sure I don't have to remind you that an appeal to authority is a logical fallacy.

Jerry once held a contest to pick his morning show, and WISN had Art Bell on overnight for awhile.

Sports journalists who study the NFL 40 hours per week or more rarely can predict winners of a football game with better than coin-flip accuracy.

I slept in a Holiday Inn last night.

Thanks, but I'll trust my own judgement.

Dad29 said...


Elegant management towards the conclusion that, in fact, a coin-flip is where the Packers are vis-a-vis Favre.

Bott also programmed Limbaugh and Belling, ensuring top book for 6 straight hours. And I suspect that Jay Weber's doing just fine AM's.

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Favre should have done this for his retirement:
1. Study Church Fathers
2. Go to daily Mass
3. Daily Rosary
4. Pray about a vocation to the deaconate.