Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thompson: The Right Play Call with Favre

Anyone who is familiar with the American corporate culture can appreciate the agony of Ted Thompson.

The parallel is obvious.

When a Company got into trouble with stagnant or declining market share, or with profits, a new CEO was generally brought in. As night follows day, a number of the "old guard" Company officers were replaced by 'the new crowd,' people who would implement the new CEO's strategic vision.

Sometimes, the "old guard" were regarded as superstars--but they would eventually be replaced, or if not kicked out, would be sidelined with a staff assignment where they could retain some prestige (and retirement benefits) without being able to affect the new direction.

So it went in Green Bay.

Thompson was brought into a troubled franchise and told to fix it. In his vision, a super-QB, while an asset, was not necessarily the ONLY asset of the team; after all, there are 22 players on the field.

And the story played out from there.

Favre didn't like the last chapter of the story, I guess. So he decided to play games with Thompson, jacking him around about the retirement(s).

As it turns out, Thompson will eat some crow, but he'll share the repast with Favre.

"Sure, you're welcome, Brett!! But you'll be second-string."

Thompson got it right.

The Era of Favre is over, guys. He's 40-something. One freight-train hit from a D-lineman and he'll never walk again. I don't think that his replacement (what's his name again?) is nearly as impervious to hits as was Favre--but that's why Green Bay drafted TWO quarterbacks.

Man up, Brett. Take Thompson's deal and be a southern gentleman about it.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone seriously think the china doll can outplay Favre? If you do, you don't know 1 thing about football.

Dad29 said...

Nope, that was a serious post.

I agree that Brett is a superstar, as was intimated in the post.

But that's not the style of football that Thompson/McCarthy are looking for--"1 QB and 10 other guys."

And I will bet that China Doll goes down during this coming season, never to return.

That's why GB has TWO backups (and could have Favre, too.)

Anonymous said...

Are you serious Dad? Matt Flynn and Brian Brohm couldn't wipe Favre's butt when he is in the nursing home. What do you want, the best team out there or use the china doll who breaks down after 1 game. Do you honestly think Rogers is better than Brett?
I want the Packers to win now, not in a few years or ever. Rogers doesn't have the leadership skills Favre has.
Living in Vegas, betting against the Packers is going to be pretty easy, which I hate.

Dad29 said...

Yah, Dan.

Thompson was hired at $umpty-bazillion/year because he actually knows about managing football.

So I guess I'll have to place bets on him, as opposed to a lot of other folks who do NOT manage football and do NOT have 30 years around the NFL.

By the way, "win now" didn't work out real well with the best QB in football throwing INT's last post-season, did it?

Jimi5150 said...

I've blogged about this . . . for all you "Favre is the greatest ever!" types . . . Brett can't be our best "chance" at going to the Superbowl. F*ck chance. You, he, and everyone else better believe he WILL deliver a Superbowl title to Green Bay. He had a great year last season. For all the drama and wanting to be treated special . . . he needs to do BETTER than last season. Anything less and it's a mistake.

Yes, Rodgers is untested. But, last season a lot of things fell in to place for the Packers that added to their success. It wasn't just Favre. In fact, statistically, he had a very average year. Though he did add to his growing list of accomplishments.

And that, in the end, is the problem. Brett does his best when the TEAM is playing well. Put it all on Favre to win games and he tends to look reckless, foolish, and stupid.

Plus, are we convinced Brett still "has it" even though being a year older?

Pure speculation.

But, fine. Bring him back. Start him. Again, anything less than getting the team to the Superbowl and it's a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Dad, now I know. You are just bitter about the last interception. Do you think the Packers could have made the NFC championship without Favre?
So, Jimi, if the Packers don't make it to the Super Bowl by using Rogers, will you say that is a mistake?

Dad29 said...

Yah, Dan, that's it. I'm just bitter. Explains why I have guns.

You read the post. That's my rationale, it's based on a lot of years' experience.

And if you think that having Brett makes the Pack a SuperBowl player, then you'll have to explain all those years between the last one and the next one.

And you can't.

Anonymous said...

Yes I can. Some years, lack of defense. Other years, lack of a coach and GM.
Brett is part of the team. He celebrates his accompishments along with his teammates.
I probably have as many, if not more experiences as a Packer fan. I cried when Bart Starr retired and when the Packer's lost as a child.
Just curious,Dad, you have not defended Rogers or the alleged back ups. Why??
For the Packer's to make the playoffs, they need a better defense and a great offensive line. One player does not make a Super Bowwl contender. You need a team and Favre is a team player, unlike thompson the Weasel.
Congratulations on having guns, but what does that have to do with anything??/