Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stupid Client, Stupid Suit, BAD PR

There are such things as stupid clients.

The California Milk Processor Board, owner of the ubiquitous "Got Milk" trademark, sent a cease and desist letter to Alaska artist Barbara Holmes, putting her on notice that the "Got Breastmilk" T-shirts that she created infringe on its trademark. Holmes sold about six of the shirts over two years ago, and has since moved on to other projects.

Holmes is taking the C&D letter seriously, though. She's hired Talkeetna, Alaska, attorney Paul Bratton who has opined that Holmes' work is a parody protected by the Constitution. Bratton's letter to the Processor Board also noted that Holmes' T-shirts make the case for the benefits of breast-feeding and thus may constitute a form of protected speech.

Holmes observed what most of us already know:

"They're two different kind of jugs."

The California Milk Marketers: another case of 'more money than brains.'

HT: Overlawyered

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